The advantages of tailoring your wedding suit

There’s one occasion in your life when you should definitely, without question, order a bespoke tailored suit, and that’s your wedding day. Some people will tell you that there’s no need to reserve bespoke tailoring for your wedding day, not when the service has become so affordable, and this is true. But if bespoke tailoring just isn’t on your list of priorities right now, you should at least make it so for your big day.

There are numerous advantages to getting your wedding suit tailored. Here are a few.

Your wedding photographs

One of the major advantages of tailoring your wedding suit is that you’ll look good in your photographs in years to come. In the future, when you’re feeling nostalgic and decide to dig them out, the last thing you want your wife to think is: “Did I really marry that man in the ill-fitting suit?”

If you’re wearing a morning suit on the big day, this is even more important. Many grooms rent their morning suits but it isn’t recommended. The morning suit is an elaborate outfit that ought to be done well. Otherwise, you can look like you’re aiming for the sky but hitting the ground with a large thud.

You’re the centre of attention

Getting married is a bit like playing the lead role in a play. Every eye in the room is on you for the entire day. Some grooms lap up the attention. Others are less comfortable being in the spotlight. But whichever type of groom you are, dressing your best is a good idea.

If you need extra confidence, the suit gives it to you. If you doubt your appearance, the suit ensures that every gaze is an admiring one. And even if you don’t need either of these things, listen up: a tailored suit is bound to make you the best-looking groom you can be.

Your bride will be impressed

Making sure you look good in your wedding suit on the day is the best thing you can do for your bride besides not jilting her.

Just as she will look beautiful in her white dress (or whatever she’s wearing), so you will look dashing in your bespoke tailored suit. Take it from me, she’ll love you for it. And your grandchildren will be impressed when you show them the photographs, too.