The benefits of a bespoke suit as opposed to an off-the-peg suit

People who regularly visit bespoke tailors can sometimes become so used to the perfect fit of their suits that they actually forget why they opted for bespoke tailoring in the first place.

The major reason is usually the fact that they’re tired of looking for an off-the-peg suit that fits them well.

The imperfect fit of off-the-peg suits

The decision to switch from buying off-the-peg to bespoke tailoring often happens when a man needs a suit for a really important occasion. After trying on several jackets, he realizes that none of them fit as well as he would like. Either the shoulders are too wide, the jacket too long or the lapels flare open when he buttons up the suit.

This is the norm in off-the-peg tailoring because each suit is a generic size. While you may find a suit that fits you 85%, there will always be that 15% that doesn’t fit you as well as it could. This is simple mathematics: If bodies don’t come in generic sizes like off-the-peg suits, there’s no way an off-the-peg suit is going to fit you 100%.

The perfect fit of a bespoke tailored suit

The major benefit of bespoke tailoring – and the reason why men are turning to it in such large numbers, especially now it’s more affordable – is that you get a suit completely fitted to your body.

Your tailor will take 24 measurements to create your suit, which guarantees you get a perfectly fitting suit (if you don’t, he’ll adjust it till it’s right!).

But hold on! This is far from being the only benefit of a bespoke tailored suit.

The fit of your suit isn’t the only deciding factor in whether it looks good on you. Style is just as important.

Truly bespoke style – as well as fit

With an off-the-peg suit, the suit’s pattern is as generic as its size. This means you don’t get to decide exactly what styles will go into the makeup of your suit: i.e. the kind of lapels you want (notched or peaked), how many buttons you get (between 1 and 3 or rarely 4), whether it’s single or double-breasted, and so on.

Considering how difficult it is to find the right fit with an off-the-peg suit, imagine how much more difficult it will be to find one that not only fits but has all styles you want. The fact is: it’s impossible!

With bespoke tailoring, all this is possible to you. When you employ the services of a bespoke tailor, expect to come away with a suit that fits you perfectly and with all the style specifications you want.

In this age of mass customisation, you shouldn’t expect anything less.