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Bristol is full of bespoke tailors. The city’s bustling economy–its wealth of law firms and cutting-edge marketing agencies, its large call centres and excellent universities–all ensure that Bristol is known for its polished, urban style.

But style doesn’t just drop out of the sky–not even here! Looking good–in a business, wedding, or weekend suit–requires visiting a tailor who knows how to make sure your garment fits you perfectly.

Our website is designed to help you with this problem.

Here you’ll learn:

Once you’ve absorbed even the smallest amount of information on this site, you’ll be better placed to make the right decisions, find the right tailor and spend your money wisely. All with the final goal of looking great in your tailored suit! If you live in Bristol and you’d like to improve your business wear or look great on your wedding day, our site will show you how.

Enjoy reading and happy styling!

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